Killed in Action
Tag: [KIA] Fans: 11 Created: 2013-07-10

Platoon Presentation

Killed in Action was created to have a friendly gaming environment while taking part in a competitive friendly clan. If you are ready for a ride of a lifetime KIA will proudly take you you under its wing.

Benefits of a KIA member:
-VIP on the official KIA clan server.
-You will be able to meet friendly people around the world that share the same interests as you in the gaming world.
-You will be able to improve and excel in your gaming career.
-Be part of the greatest clan in the world KIA.

-Check Battlelog regularly.
-Have KIA as Primary Clan.
-Have the KIA clan tag on.
-Always looking for recruits.
-Respect all other players.
-Uses a mic.
-Doesnt care point wise.


Battle Cry
I will pick up my rifle and ammunition ready to defend my clan and the brother or sister behind me. I am ready to lay down my life if it is needed. I will never surrender because I am and always will be a highly trained and skilled KIA soldier. There are few like me. There are few that live every day by a brotherhood and motto that is scarred into my brain HONOR-COURAGE-SACRIFICE. There for I am a KIA Soldier!


Mode Challenge teams is located on Platoon page Killed in Action Teams.

NOTE you are not qualified to be part of any Challenge team.

Upcoming events
20 and 21 Interviews for leader positions


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