Heavan to Hell
Tag: [H2H] Fans: 4 Created: 2013-07-11

Platoon Presentation

A few former members and many new looking for some fun competition. The initiation is simple. You must prove you are willing to do what it takes to win.

Option A- Go into a pub stack and switch teams. Fight an entire clan by yourself. Save the battle report for review. "KD is not the most important stat."

Option B- Get beat in by H2H. OUR FAVORITE METHOD!

Your score in the game is the most important. KD is not the key to winning. No objectives = a kill is one. All objectives and a kill is 3!

BF4 is going to be more like BFBC2 ! The head glitching campers are going to have the roof dropped on their pathetic heads! We are looking for strategic objective players. Take a risk! We can revive you!

30 members now! Mostly friends... Divas need not apply...... Go to your head-glitch and work on you make-up.

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