BF3 Addicts Anonymous
Tag: [ADDI] Fans: 16 Created: 2013-08-02

Platoon Presentation

This is where all the soldier's of Bf3 come together.
Dedicated to the battlefield
I want the presentation to have every soldier's opinion on why they play Bf3 so much, and can't get away from it.

Sorceress111: I'm an addict, maby just a little bit. I just like the game a lot, i play every day to become better at it. Im dedicated to do the game thats all. ;),i got little birdy legs birdy legs birdy legs...

-iK-BloodTroniX :Im not an addict, Im just very dedicated to the game okay :D

Dec4y:I'm not a addict, I just play BF3 whenever I have time. Lunch time, break time, bed time, off time, that time, this time, any time, all the time

T_Skye:i enjoy playing for fun and just being around my friends ^_^ :D

GeT_RiGhT_H:Im not an addict just like to have fun and troll guys :D

I-Milk_Shake-I:BF3 is the reason i brush my teeth in the morning, But Im no addict
lol xD

McRoti: Hi, my name is McRoti and I'm addicted.

R4PT0R_V8:I am a addict, a day is not complete without a game

Shady_Prawn:i had a life...and then i bought bf3...

briancheckjou: I wake up on my keyboard then i go to work..

Klown_ZA:i was told to say something............something

Ou_Ballie_ZA:No day like a good BF day,hey :)

jexblex:was gonna write somthing prophetic but was too busy in BF3.

GOOFIJ:Admittance is the first step to recovery..........nah no recovery necessary :P

DoT89-ZA:Hi my name is dot and i hate a shit bucket next to my pc so i wouldnt have to miss a thing.

Spooky_za :Not Addicts Anonymous, it's like AA - Alcohol Anonymous. BFA, Battlefield Anonymous. Lol, still think it's funny as hell. :D

IPhranqueI:I use BF3 as a medium to relive stress... And I am very stressed... All the time

3vil_n00b:Just wanna take out shitty Shitbuckets.....and T-Bag them!!!

BONKERS_ZA:I run hop to the toilet because of bf3 :)

_-x-_Ae0N_-x-_:So much for the anonymous part :) If you can kill people online, you're less inclined to kill them in real life. Guess thats why I'm playing so much...? lol

-Dr_Parraman-: My gf asked me when she can see me again, so I told her the next time Battlelog is offline.

Kapilefty_69 :He got me, I've had it, I'm toast, I'm history, I'm off to see the wizard. ... Here I'm going as fast as this chicken, I mean birdy legs

IIDoCIIASSASSIN: I once took a arrow to the knee,but i still love this game

llDoCllV1per_za :Moegoe

nTsT:Every time I intend on playing less, I play more. Battlefield 3 brought me back to gaming and I will never regret playing it so much. It has been awesome :).

BessRey:uess it's my turn :/ This game is so frustrating and unforgiving at times, but it's the game that I coming back to time and time again. I'm addicted to the game, and in a way sad that it's over or almost over ;_;

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