Distracted Gaming
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Platoon Presentation

We only accept members who have the right attitude and maturity to fit in to our group. (18+)

This platooon is strictly for DG members and their friends.

If you are interested in joining us please visit our official website listed here and fill an application in.

Server Rules:
1) No Bunny Hopping
2) No attacking uncappable bases
3) No Mortars from within an uncappable base. Snipers may snipe from the edges of uncaps and attacking them is allowed.
4) No RPG on open infantry, only on vehicles and to destroy scenery to expose hiding players
5) No abuse, foul language, racism or griefing
6) Apologise for all TK's

Our rules have been run by an EA representative in their chat support and have been confirmed as
being inline with the ROE/ROC

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