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The 19th Mechanized Brigade was started by Tactical Gamer veteran HiTest in the Fall of 2009. After years of
experience with the legendary 5th and the prestigious 71st, HiTest thought of creating a new squad not bound
to one game, hierarchical order, or suffocating rule set. Rather, a close nit squad of talented, seasoned, yet
open minded men capable of trying and evaluating new games, including the testing of pre-release Alphas,
Betas, and/or modded games, all the while using Tactical Gamer's Primer as a focal point. Gentlemen with the
ability to lead effectively, follow orders with precision, and kick some serious tail, all with a sense of humor and a

HiTest was joined by his fellow 71st brethren Counter=Ops, Bear and Zippy to form the 19th Mechanized Brigade.
Nicknamed "The One Niners", the Mechanized Brigade was a product of HiTest's skilled Artillery and Mortar abilities
(cough-cough) in the BF2 series/POE Mod, and Counter's real life U.S. Marine Tank Division. With great enthusiasm
and a lot of fun, the One Niners began testing and playing new game titles and competed with and against other
TG squads in Epic battles. In short time Rockford and Squinty joined the One Niners, thereby reuniting some
more of their former 71st squadmates, and raising the level of gameplay and fun for all.

Then, out of the blue, tragedy struck. While undergoing a surgery to his injured back, Counter=Ops passed
away as a result of complications during the procedure. This was devastating, both to the squad and the TG
community. Counter had made many friends here at TG, and was very well liked and respected. Out of this grief
and sadness emerged the true colors and spirit of Tactical Gamer, as a fund was set up to help Counter's widow
and three young children. The news spread quickly, and soon the donations came flooding in from all over the
Tactical Gamer community. The large sum collected was donated on behalf of TG to Counter's family. Counter's
widow expressed her appreciation, both for the donation, and for the love shone forth by TG. We're proud to have
known Counter=Ops, proud to have helped his family, and proud to always remember him. RIP Old Friend.

The One Niners, while closed to enrollment these past two years, remains a tight nit bunch of friends eager and
ready for new challenges. The 19th has promoted, organized, hosted, and participated in several Tactical Gamer
Scrimms (Scrimmage Matches). Scrimms like TG vs BPM (Brazil Clan), TG vs TnB (Tags-n-Bags) I & II, and the
TG POE Reunion match, just to name a few. The 19th wins with grace and loses with chins up. We play hard and
laugh harder.

Going Forward>> Recruitment is now open. Contact Hitest or Bear61 for details.

A potential new member must consider a few qualities that the 19th strides to uphold:

- A One Niner understands the Primer, SOP's and Spirit of Tactical Gamer so well, it's second nature for him.

- No need to explain why bunny-hopping, base-raping, foul-language, unfairness, arrogance, immature,
cheap-shots or other pubbie styles and attitudes of game play are frowned upon here at TG. A One Niner knew
this at puberty.

- A One Niner is a team player, no matter what the circumstances.

- A One Niner sets the example, and will switch teams when the other team is short or decidedly
weak - without being told.

- A One Niner shows mutual respect, and will be friendly and respectful to friend or foe, old supporting
member (SM) or new guest.

- A Oner Niner doesn't complain and nag at the Admins, he helps them find a solution.

- A One Niner helps and encourages new players and those in need, both in-game and on the forums.

- A One Niner, even when things are stacked against him, welcomes the competition, rolls up his sleeves,
licks his chops, and thinks, "Here We Go!".

- A One Niner can jab a joke to his mates, and yet embrace the laughter when the joke is on him. If you can
dish it out, you'd better be ready to receive it back...

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