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Welcome to Clan Woof's Public Battlefield 3 Platoon. We have 2 BF3 servers up right now!!

Classic Settings - CQ - NFO Seattle - Clan Woof
Conquest Large • Caspian Border 64 man server

^) Woof 24/7 Rush l Chicago Server
Rush • Seine Crossing 22 man rush server

Since October 28, 2007
Washington, United States
This group is public and it is for everyone to join. If you were invited into our group, it means we noticed you on our servers and feel you should join our community group. It does not mean you're a Member So please don't put our <Woof> Tag on. You can join our forums at www.clanwoof.com where you can apply to join or post suggestions and comments about our servers!

Our servers all run on donations our monthly bill is over $500 a month so please help us out and keep the costs down and get some amazing benefits as well!
We are selling a donators package for $15/3 Months to help pay for our servers! It includes a reserved slot, immunity on round end, noisemakers, color chat and much more on all of our servers both TF2 and CSS. So why not contribute $15 for 3 Months and help pay for the servers. For more info visit http://www.clanwoof.com

All of our servers run HLstatsX to track your stats in real time. You can view them 24/7 at http://clanwoof.com

(^) Our Server list (^)

CSS Servers

CSS: Dust2 Office
DNS: dust.clanwoof.com

CSS: Rotation
DNS: rot.clanwoof.com

CSS: Gungame
DNS: gg.clanwoof.com

Current TF2 Servers

TF2: Payload Rotation
DNS: payload.clanwoof.com

TF2: Dustbowl
DNS: dustbowl.clanwoof.com

TF2: Egypt
DNS: egypt.clanwoof.com

TF2: Badwater/Goldrush
DNS: badwater.clanwoof.com

TF2: 2Fort
DNS: 2fort.clanwoof.com

TeamSpeak Server port 9987 Ask a member for the password.
We currently have a 24/7 rotation server for Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 head on over to www.clanwoof.com and find out more info on that.

Looking for a minecraft server? www.minecraftserver.net they do a great job.

Clan Woof Home
Rent a minecraft server!

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