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[SiB] ( Strength in Brotherhood ) was founded by a group of friends in April 2011. Since then we have been joined by some really talented players and have achieved some competitive success by winning the NGL 2nd Division for Black Ops and finishing 4th in the inaugural eGSA Bad Company 2 Squad rush competition.

We, the invited and humble bearers of the SiB mantle, will strive to become a most respected, ethical and sought-after professional gaming clan. These accolades will be earned through commitment; will be guided by an unwavering moral compass; and will be nurtured through the social bonds of brotherhood, friendship and camaraderie.

SiB is currently recruiting with the aim of entering a second team into the DGL in leg 2. Please join us on our website if you are interested in joining.

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  • ZeRoTHScar wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming:
    Sorry for the downtime of our mumble server. We are busy with a DNS switch over and it is taking a bit longer than expected. Should have a temp server up in running in approx 2hrs once they have the network running on the one side.
    ZeRoTHScar for now we can use the teamspeak. contact me for details
    4 years ago
  • ZeRoTHScar wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming: A good new dxtory codec for use.
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    AWBTietZA Thanks works like a bomb
    5 years ago
    equals03 i'll probably stick to the x264. the size-to-quality is just waaaay better for x264.
    5 years ago
  • ZeRoTHScar wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming:
    UAC update. Please ensure you update beforehand
  • Awo1Nat10n wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming:
  • iTh3Drummer wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming:
    im now a real Member whoop whoop :D
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    Hondjie-RSA lol noob
    5 years ago
    iTh3Drummer haha you guys are asshole thanks Zero :D
    5 years ago
  • Mo0sE_ZA wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming:
    I am sorry guys but the time has come for me to leave this game behind, I now have other priorities, such as school and the girlfriend :P I have though long and hard of what was to happen to my BF3 career, and what was I to do for the rest of the year, I have decided to take up dancing with my girlfriend, you know all girls love a guy that can dance :P I had a great time with all you guys, but it is time for me to say bye. .you are all a bunch of GREAT guys and will miss jamming BF3 with you guys a lot.. This is SERIOUSLY the BEST clan EVER and would definitely recommend you guys to whom ever I shall come across one day.. THANKS GUYS <3 =*
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    puLse-TroniX sad to see u go Moose :/ all the best with the lady friend :P
    5 years ago
    equals03 the TL;DR version: got lady friend... must think with other head. :P
    5 years ago
  • Awo1Nat10n joined the platoon SiB Gaming
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  • iTh3Drummer joined the platoon SiB Gaming
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    iTh3Drummer haha his an epic team mate just like the rest of SiB :D
    5 years ago
    PsYLeNT-Tv '_'
    5 years ago
  • ZeRoTHScar wrote on the wall for SiB Gaming:
    SiB vs RFH Black Legion : Thursday @ 21h00. See you ladies there....