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rconNET : http://www.rconNET.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rconNET.de
Server-Stats: http://www.rconnet-stats.com

What is BF3 rconNET?
BF3 rconNET is a web based Server-Administration-System (Admin tool) for Battlefield 3. It is running as a deamon on a dedicated Linux server. rconNET gives you the ability to administrate your BF3 server via a comfortable webinterface. You don't need to download any Software! You can manage everything via the webinterface.

BF3 rconNET advantages
- rconNET is easy to use
- rconNET is running 24/7 and is always connected to your server. Ingame command are available at any time. You don't need to run a client-side Admin Tool.
- plugins are running 24/7 on your server
- rconNET is an all-in-one package: software, hosting, layer-server, updates, development and support
- You can use rconNET from any internet devices including Smartphones, Tablet-PC's, ...
- You don't need to download or install any files
- Battlelog look and feel

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