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www.urclan.co.uk for more details

Urban Rejects are a group of players that have been playing First Person Shooting games and
other online games for over 12 years, working together as a team, and having fun.
Founded in 1999 as Urban Rejects.

Originally active in Task Force Dagger and Black Hawk Down, Battlefield BC2, now active in
Battlefield 3.
We are always on the look out to recruit new players, and make some new friends
and/or enemies along the way!

We don't take ourselves too seriously, making sure we have fun first, winning second, mixed in
with some general pisstaking along the way!

So if you're a mature player and looking to join a fun squad or you just want to chat with the
soliders you're gaming with, then man up and get on our TeamSpeak Sever. Details on the website.

We are branching out to other platforms such as XBOX 360 and spreading the =|[UR]|= love,
so if you are a 360 player just sign up to our website, add our players gamertags to your friend list,
add the UR tags in battlelog, and come and say Hello!

See you on the battlefield!


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