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For friendship, honor & victory!

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=1139= Rules

* First of all, we do not believe in cheats or excessive stat-boosting. If you do that, you are not welcome.

* We are an international clan, that means people from all countries are welcome. However, we mainly communicate in English, so you must be able to speak English to join our clan.

* We communicate via TeamSpeak 3, therefore owning a microphone and coming to our TeamSpeak server is obligated. IMPORTANT: Before you apply for a membership, you have to come to teamspeak for at least a week, so we can get to know each other before you join the clan.

* If you see a fellow =1139= member in a game, join him. We try to play together as much as we can, since we are a clan based on friendship.

* We try to arrange clanwars and tournaments as much as we can. If you do not like to play competitive, it's ok, you don't have to. If you do like it, you can play. :)

* If there is anything that is not clear in these few simple rules, contact =1139= Boljak and he will answer all your questions with pleasure.

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  • vincentus123 joined the platoon =1139=
  • AwesomeKiWii wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    As most people already know, =1139= Clan is very inactive, so the Battlefield-part of our clan decided to retire. Therefore I would like all of us to come together tonight for one more (big) meeting. We can talk about the future and of course game our favourite Battlefield (BC2, 3 or 4?)! I would say all come to TeamSpeak at 8 'o clock?
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    tryhard_m16_swag shut up kiwi
    5 years ago
    K3kssss +1
    5 years ago
  • H1tshu wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    Uhm is 1139 going to get active again ?
  • aendll wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/1pbx9o/bf4_best_way_to_get_early_access_using_proxy_all Hitshu gave me this link to start earlier to play BF4. I am sure this is also interesting for you gay shitbuckets!
  • The_PharohQ wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    http://battlefield.esl.eu/ lets join :D
  • PJ47 wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/aD0gR7O_460sa.gif makes me think of boljak for some reason
    I-K3kssss-I haha :D
    7 years ago
  • PJ47 wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cYMGMiTHxc da da da da da da da
  • The_PharohQ wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    " no wonder british love arma (no offense)" :D Yesterday i played the most epic ARMA 3 mission multiplayer " as the whole team says " , fucking spent 3 and a half hours running towards the objective looking and scanning for enemies and infantry vehicles evading them and engaging them if necessary , most intense moment lasted for 10 minutes only when we got flanked me and my squad by 2 groups from front and back , managed to kill 11 people "computer automated bad guys" and destroyed the radio tower .. In battlefield I live that every moment in a 15 minute round killing enemies 1 kill per 0:3 min ending more than 30 kills .... I fucking love battlefield " no wonder british love arma " :D
    oo7GG U lost me after yesterday ZzzzzZzzzZzzz btw sarcasme
    7 years ago
    H1tshu cool story bro
    7 years ago
  • Dannebrawg wrote on the wall for =1139=:
    AwesomeKiWii lol
    7 years ago
    Dannebrawg sorry for ianctivity, my pc is ahving somec rash problems for several months now ^^
    7 years ago