Internet Combat Team
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Platoon Presentation


If you are a member in the Platoon that does not
mean you're an official clan member. You will
need to read through the platoon presentation for
directions on how to apply. It's very simple stuff,
and we're very friendly people as well, so no need
to stress about signing up, or applying.

-=ICT=- Looking to expand, searching for mature
members to fill our servers and possibly
administrate on our servers.

Our website is open to the public so take a look
around. For server information it is
recommended you visit the site, most of the
server information is right on the homepage,
some information however can be found in the
forums. The "Official Website" link can be found
on this page right above the "Members" portion.


You can apply for the clan by submitting a clan
application form on our site. This can be
completed by first registering to be part of our
site. If you are accepted to the clan as a recruit
you will be asked to wear small tags [ict] in game
to differentiate you from full [ICT] members.
There is no predetermined recruitment period.
You will remain a recruit until a vote is taken by
the full members. Your attitude and the amount of
time you spend in the servers and on teamspeak
will have a lot to do with you being accepted as a
full member.

Current Events :

We are currently working on some promotional
ICT videos involving Battlefield 3. We have big
plans, and are looking for people to take part of
the making of the videos.

E-mail if you
want to take part, or if you have any questions.

Servers :

-=ICT=- 24/7 Rush, Reduced Health, All Maps BF3

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