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Take No Prisoners is all about having fun while playing together. We don't care about kill/death ratio, but we wan't to win. That's what our name stands for, we spare no one.

I formed this clan in early december when my friend got BF3. We have been growing very slow and i would really like that if you could tell your friends about this clan. Just send them a link if this page and make them apply.

Take No Prisoners has its own clan page so that its easier to catch up on Updates and Changes to the Clan. You can Visit the site by Clicking the Link Below.

Clan page - http://take-no-prisoners.enjin.com/home


No switching between clans, either way you are in TnP or not.
We often play together on the weekends so. If you want to plan something then feel free to do so but just with a little notice.

- We would be squading up (when we a free); so mic' may be needed.
-Please be respectful to other members and listen to the leaders.
-Do well, Play well! rank up!

Please add every leader in this clan.

SiperwarrioR - Bobbi-1
xXVludviCXx - xXVludv1CXx
tipsythomas - tipsythomas
Jillis - Jillis6

Bobbi-1 always has Squad Ammo
always has Squad Sprint
always has Squad Cover
DJFRIZZY always has Squad Flak

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