7th Recon Squad
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Platoon Presentation

Epic. Just plain epic.
That is the only, responsible, proper and correct way to describe this platoon.

We will not be accepting too many people. However, the ones that applies must meet certain criterias. Applying members will be evaluated by the leadership :)

Also, as we are organizing this platoon to (hopefully) be a group of people who enjoys playing together, inactive members will be kicked..

We now have a youtube channel!


Bang-1shot: 4-10 PM (GMT+1)
4pekatt: 4-10 PM (GMT+1)
Lakseman: 3-8 PM (GMT+1)
PGDAboy: (GMT+1)
Holyricky: 6-9 PM (GMT+1)
NosticGG: 4-10 PM (GMT+1)
NoNeX1990: 8-12(GMT+1)

(All aviability hours are during school/work days. Weekends may vary)

SKYPE NAMES (For in game chat):

Bang-1shot: alexander.morden
4pekatt: awesomejoakim
Lakseman: petternico
PGDAboy: (Something tells me we won't get this)
Holyricky: theholyricky
NosticGG: walther1217

*Love for Cupcakes is mandatory for joining*

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