Last Chance Company
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The story:
LCC (Last Chance Company) is made up of the elite of the elite, soldiers from all over the world that when put together communicate and get the job done without question, hesitation, or casualties. This elite Company is only called upon when no other Company, Squadron, or task force is able to complete the objective/mission at hand. Together they are unstoppable and complete mission after mission successfully.
They were formed to fight global terrorism and to complete other top secret missions on behalf of the nations participating in the Company. Formed after the 9/11 attacks by the USA, it is based in a top secret facility and has all major nations cooperating along with some of the best militaries in the world .Putting forward their best soldiers and personnel to be contend for a spot in the ‘Last Chance Company’ or to be one of the personnel involved in its operations. Being a member of this prestigious Company or being one of its operational personnel is a true honour and privilege. These men and women have the highest clearance and do not follow the law; they have no budget and have access to top secret weapons and equipment. These men and women that form this elite Company put their lives on hold and on the line for the greater good of this planet and for the greater good of the nation they represent.

What is LCC?
LCC is a platoon that works well together and plays the objective. They communicate with each other and strive to win every game. They are strategical and does whatever it takes to win. They work together and are willing to cooperate with fellow members when on the battlefield.]

Where are you based?
We are based in Melbourne, Australia, Oceania; but accept members where ever you are as long as you are on the planet Earth. (Due to lag issues).

Do you have to be based in Oceania to join?
No, to join this elite platoon you only have to meet the requirements as stated in a later question.

What happens if my ping is to high and i am lagging when playing together?
If lagging we will do our best to find and join a server where no one is lagging. If unable to do so you may continue playing with us or leave the game.

What platform do you play on?
Unfortunately LCC can only be made up of members that play on PC, if you play on the Xbox and/or PS3, feel free to become a FAN of this elite platoon and keep an eye out to see if we make a platoon for your platform.

What maps and modes do you play?
We play all modes and maps including those that are in the Back to Karkand DLC (Downloadable Content).

What are the requirements for joining LCC?
Good communication with other members
Plays the objective
Helps squad and team members
Wants to win every game (do not need to win every game)
Average or above player
Will play with fellow platoon members
Likes to have fun
Is NOT a booster

PS: See You On The Battlefield

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