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Requirements: Recon Kit minimum 80%. Sniper rifle #1 primary weapon, with 1000 kills.

(Visit: for more detials on Recon Sniper Course information.)

Recon Sniper Course
This is a course for the Serious Sniper that is Dedicated to Long Range Sniping. It will be on the Recon Sniper Rifles, the 8X and 12x Scopes, and sniping techniques on specific targets, for Xbox360 BF3 Conquest maps.

Tools for the sniper: scope 100m-1500m ranges for all sniper rifles and more.

After completing the course, the student will leave the "Recon Sniper Course" and return to their Platoon with more sniper tools to use in battle.

1. Mission Statement
“To organize Long Range Snipers into a Two Man Sniper Team, with skills and strategies, to kill and demoralize the enemy, and help the Platoon team win.”

2. Goal Statement
“To have 'Dedicated Long Range Snipers' gather together and share techniques. To leave this course with more knowledge in their equipment, Long Range Sniping skills, and a Long Range Sniper’s attitude of Purpose, Patience, and Stealth.”

3. Motto
“One Shot One Kill”

4. Vision Statement
“To improve the Long Range Sniper's reputation and have others understand ‘What a Long Range Sniper can do’ and how the Long Range Sniper brings support to the Platoon, and with teamwork the Sniper contributes to the team win.”

This is directly out of the "Battlefield 3 official game guide, DICE reviewed and approved."

Page 26, recon class
"The sniper rifles offered by this kit require the greatest amount of skill and patience of any weapon type, and are best reserved for players willing to put in the practice to master them."

Visit: for more detials on Recon Sniper Course information.

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