Battlefield Brothers
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Platoon Presentation

A Platoon for experienced Players, We are a Band of Brothers from Mixed Nationalities; with a common goal...... Team work on the battlefield and the desire to win and learn new things, working together we can become better.
We mostly play Conquest and work as a single unit; we are strong in all areas of the battle (Air, Armored, and Ground). Our Medics, Engineers, Support and Recon all do what they were intended to; IE revive, repair, resupply, and spot. Rather than leave you near death on the field or watch as your tank self destructs, they don’t leave you with only a knife when they could resupply your ammo.

But the number one rule is to play smart, and not to be an idiot.

So if this sounds like the kind of battlefield 3 experience you were looking for but so far are unable to find, or if you want to put us to the test or even put your own platoon or clan to the test, then maybe Battlefield Brothers is for you.
Also feel free to contact any of our leaders who can assist with potential recruits questions and applications, arrange practice matches, and wars.

We often can be found in our server just hanging out, or training together, feel free to drop by and check out our style of play may be suited to your style of play... Search our server today:
-"Battlefield Brothers Veterans"
Hang out with us for a while. Come Join us on both of our servers. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Apply to Join Battlefield Bothers:

After for applying on the Battlelog, you will be asked to run in game with fellow members of this clan to see if you fit in with our style of play. After this, we will decide if you have what it takes to become one of our recruits.
Requirements for joining:

1. Must be on BF3 Min. of 3 times a week
2. Must Communicate and be Team Orientated
3. Must be Mature
4. Must have a Mic for wars; It’s nice but some play without it in games
5. Must be active on forums

Officer Contact:
Infantry: billbop2325 and Game3nder777
Air: megaman382
Armor: megaman382

For any other questions feel free to asks any of the leaders listed in the platoon page.

Also so you know. Recruits if you have a question contact officers to asks your question. If it is a serious matter to be addressed a meeting will be called. If you do not follow this chain of command and are a member you take a chance at going back to a recruit. If you are a recruit you take a chance at being one longer. We have a chain of command to be followed for a reason there is no excuse.

Allies Clan:
Our clan is closely affiliated with the Battlefield Brother Veterans-

Counter Terrorist Unit -


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  • Juiceboxx09 wrote on the wall for Battlefield Brothers:
    ya BFBV has fallen apart and the team had dispanded into other places. can we get BFB going again. i know i try my best to play when i can. but there is never anyone on at the same time so lonley
    235-megaman382 i'll do m best got grounded again for being stpid and not doing homework
    6 years ago
    Juiceboxx09 lol i know how you feel i hate doing hw too
    6 years ago
  • sniper_of_war wrote on the wall for Battlefield Brothers:
    mega start hosting freaky friday events if you can.change em up from time to time.also on map play go in and make sure you have a couple of different maps from each mode in about to start working less after this if u need me email me and ill give you a number you can reach me at.or just pm me for it and ill respond when i get online.gameender you as well.and pm me on here guys.