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Welcome To -PROS-MultiGaming -PMG-
Visit Us @

Connect To PMG Discord Voice Server @

Server 1: OFF LINE
Server 2: OFF LINE

We Play Many Other Games You Can find Out More Info At The PMG Web Page OR Contact PMG-Sprayer41 or any team Member With the info

We Stream All PMG Server's TO PB-bans ,GGC, ACI- Anti-cheat- detectors , We use Meta-bans Cheat-detectors and
mixed with the PB-bans Streaming Admin Tool's And Rcon-Net Admin-Data Tool's. Provided To All Admin's To Help Keep The Server's Clean.

Cheat Reporting
If you would like to submit information about a cheat or suspicious game activity, please e-mail: along with all info battle log and 247fairplay links / info or any prof add this plug in to your battle log page it will make your battle log so much better with live stats

Dont For Get To Visit The PMG Web Page Join The PMG Platoon For BFV Coming Soon @

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