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Platoon Presentation

Note: To be accepted in our Platoon, you need to be a registered and active Member on our Official Website.

PS-Nation primarily aims to provide gamers with a community where they can develop their gaming skills, make friends and most importantly have fun. We strive to cater for the gamer who wants a fun yet structured and disciplined community away from the everyday problems of the online gaming scene. The success of our gaming community lies with the maturity and integrity of each of our members.

We have a great military structure and center our clan around having fun and gaming mixed with discipline and a professional public outlook. We have a diverse group of players from our competitive to our recreational players... from EU players to US players. However we proudly use the motto "COME AS INDIVIDUALS - UNITE AS A TEAM".

We have 2 weekly practices for competitive or public lobbies which we do consistently with our individual Squads.

We require you to have a Mic and be able to use it for communication on Skype, if there any problems with the BF comms. Also that you complete our Bootcamp before being assigned to a squad. The Bootcamp will introduce you how our Clan operates and helps you to find everything that you need. After watching a short video, you have to answer some fairly easy questions. Then you are ready and you will join your Squad.

We also require you to

*) Be at least 16 years old
*) Have enough time to check our site once a day
*) Have enough time to attend practice twice a week

We require you to have a certain amount or maturity to be successful.

If you wish to join please visit our website below and register, []

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time,

Alpha Council Member

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