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Platoon Presentation

Just a little corner for server fans to get together, report on suspected cheaters/griefers and anyone else disrupting the fun of good players when a live admin is not around.

Accepting donations, please use the donate button on our website

Note: We don't sell admin privileges to anyone. All donations go toward monthly server rental fee and are acknowledged on our website so other players know of your generosity.

Big THANK YOU to our donors listed here:

Ban Appeals:
Ban appeals at

Server Rules:
Your only warning is round start message. It's player's responsibility to take a few seconds and read these rules. You may be kicked/banned without any further warnings for breaking these rules:

1. No base raping/killing, exceptions listed below
2. No ramming jets with other jets/choppers, you can ram everything else
3. No chat spamming/trolling/griefing/preaching/advertising/recruiting or racist remarks
4. No soloing in attack chopper when not in at least 2 member squad
5. No intentional destruction of attack chopper or refusal to fly for any reason
6. No spawn blocking, team killing or other behaviour that disrupts game play

Exceptions to No Base Raping Rule:

1. You are in Jet/Chopper chasing another one back into their base.
2. You are being fired upon from within enemy base i.e. mobile anti air, sniper and/or attack chopper camping/hovering in base and shooting/fighting.

If you go into enemy base for the sole purpose of stealing vehicles/jets/choppers (which is allowed), you cannot engage in fighting within enemy base and cannot kill anyone. In other words, you cannot use exception 2 above to shoot back.

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