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Platoon Presentation

Congratulations to Ireland, this years Four Nations Champions!


This Four Nations Tournament is open to any team of 8, as long as every member of that team is from UK or Ireland. It is going to be a Knockout Cup so there is no limit to how many teams that can enter.

Contact Kornlover or Cogangeezer, they will be running/organizing this tournament.

Applying Teams



The Teams that represented the UK and Irish sides in the Four Nations Tournament.

Here is the Wales team:

Here is the platoon representing Ireland:

Here is the platoon representing Scotland:

Here is the team representing England:

Four Nations 12 v 12 Conquest Tournament

6 June Wednesday-RESULT- Wales V Scotland (WALES win Home 322-0, WALES win Away 181-0)

13th June Wednesday -RESULT- Ireland V Scotland (IRELAND win Home 245-0, IRELAND win Away 327-0)

14th June Thursday -RESULT- Wales V England (WALES win Home 308-0, WALES win Away 299-0)

20th June Wednesday-RESULT- Scotland v England (ENGLAND win Home 107-0, ENGLAND win Away 289-0)

27th June Wednesday -RESULT- Ireland V England (IRELAND win home 68-0, IRELAND win away 131-0)

28th June Thursday -RESULT- Wales V Ireland (IRELAND win Home 278-0, IRELAND win away 226-0)

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