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Platoon Presentation



There is a platoon named the same but with no members. This was created by me, Steel_Toed_Boots, but accidentally left it.

People that will be casted:
~! People who follow directions the first time.
~! Creative thinking people
~! And most of all, like to have fun while staying on task



Battlefield Cinema is a platoon in which awesome machinimas are soon to be made. Spread the word, and sometime this April I would like to shoot a machinima.

If you wanted to see that one video in which it involves epic battles, quality performances, and awesome people; this is your platoon, mate.


1.) Wait a week before the set film date.
2.) Apply at any time in the comments like this:
Film name:
Time available:

2a.) You may apply more than once, but please don't spam.
3.) A message will be sent to accepted members of the time of filming.
4.) Have fun! :)

(around 10 minutes long)

Film 1:
The Brave and Kings

Director: Steel_Toed_Boots
Set: Damavand Peak
Film date: May, 2012
Required members:16+
Plot: A force of Marines invade an enemy base stationed upon a mountain.
Battle types: Infantry, Helicopters
Type: Drama, Action, Massive battles


Film _1:
Lost and Found
(around 5 minutes long)

Director: Steel_Toed_Boots
Set: Operation Metro
Film date: May, 2012
Required members:8-10
Plot: A squad scouts out a nearby metro station. They meet up with a little resistance and find important intel.
Battle types: Infantry
Type: Action

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