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ANZAC's fight hard, fight for the win and always watch out for their mates.

They also get a day off on the 25th of April and can make awesome biscuits.
ANZAC ELITE is a platoon for Aussies/NZ's to squad up kill and destroy all who oppose us..

Inactive Players or Players not willing to Play together will be removed from clan without notice.

Those who do not work well with others within the clan will be removed without notice.

All those intending to be involved in the clan are to ensure they are wearing the ANZE tag !!

Communication is an important part of this game, please make sure you have a working mic.

Min. Requirements,
K/D Ratio 1.0+
Score/Min 300+

If you are looking to Apply to the Clan you will need a Minimum of two Leaders tick of approval


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  • itzS0DA wrote on the wall for ANZAC ELITE:
    if anybody here in the ANZE wishes to play with each other still join the Original ANZACS platoon im not forcing anybody to but feel free to do so if you wish im leaving see yas on the Battlefield.
  • brock-ryan199 joined the platoon ANZAC ELITE
  • KHUBLIE wrote on the wall for ANZAC ELITE:
    hey guys just lettin you know i am disbanding ANZE , as i could no longer be fukd with clan shit. i havent come to this desicion easily, but ANZE is not the clan i was hoping for. as a result of silly arguments and petty dick swing'n ANZE lost some of its origional members and i was never happy about this. also i would like to remined every body that anze was created for the origional ANZACS and any other like minded mature gamer. not fukn rompus room with pubesent teenagers scream'n every move they make with a running commentary talkn shit down the mic. cheers thanks dommy for the server. sorry i feel compeled to do this. see you on the battlefield. 1 week from today ANZE is no more
    dommy2 No worries. Ive already created another clan -"Original Anzacs", I do enjoy playing with most of you guys and would love to keep the Anzac clan going. So if you wanna join please do. im not gonna chase anyone though.......except
    6 years ago
  • MikeBravo91 joined the platoon ANZAC ELITE
  • itzS0DA wrote on the wall for ANZAC ELITE:
    hey guys im back from my course just thought i would let you all know
    PELLY27 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    6 years ago
  • Sum_Cheat joined the platoon ANZAC ELITE
  • dommy2 wrote on the wall for ANZAC ELITE:
    I think Iv'e said this before and it was AGREED upon at the time. Please reply if this is wrong.. All ANZE should play together WHEREVER POSSIBLE on any server (especially our own server), If there are extra players on our team we should move the NON Anzacs FIRST.
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    kiwigolfer1 So to any guys or Gals over 35 that want to play with more mature age people (not nescessarly mature) in a no mini map, no running gunning quick scoping server, you are more than welcome to join. The FAT clans average age would
    6 years ago
    ANZAC_PELLY27 Yay now everyone is a reject :)
    6 years ago
  • Joel12366 wrote on the wall for ANZAC ELITE: hahaha lol !
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    Joel12366 haha love those guys such funny videos
    6 years ago
    itzS0DA hahaha
    6 years ago