BF3 Hardcore Scrims
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Platoon Presentation

Arrange BF3 hardcore scrims here, no softcore allowed!!

Spread the word to other war arrangers in other clans and invite!!

Can everyone please make you you can receive friends requests so people in this platoon can add you and contact you re-guarding setting a scrim up!!

Then feel free to post the night you want to war on and see if anyone reply's!!

If a clan in this platoon if found to be hacking (evidence required) you will be flamed every way possible by everyone in this platoon!!

This platoon is for everyone who wants to play hardcore matches, right now my goal was to create a meeting place for all war arrangers of clans. I would like to welcome all that have joined and I hope you spread the word on this opportunity to get friendly wars between each other and create a good friendly HC gaming community amongst ourselves.

I would also like to add although I am the founder of this platoon it is not a clan or squad of any kind its just a meeting point for clans to arrange wars, any information you would like in the presentation then let me know and ill see what I can do.

If you would like your TS details put on the presentation then add me "TomGunSE" as a friend and give me the details :D

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