Smackdown Challenge B
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Blood and I (Scrapmetal) want to thank TechGames for giving us a sponsorship for the TS & Game server to host the matches.

~~~~~~~How matches will come to be~~~~~~~
1. Challenge someone
2. If challenged hooah the post if u accept
3.Admins will Choose most ANTICIPATED matches

1.Game mode will be TDM

2. **NEW RULE: 8min Time limit (highest score after 8min win)

3.Dgl Rules (stating no noob bs)

4.Only 15 Matches will take place on the match day because of time constraints. We will evaluate this as the demand increase.

5.A player can only play 1 time in a matchday. So, both challenger and challenged can only play once. Think careful about accepting a challenge, you might want to play against another person.

6. If a player doesnt show up for his/her scheduled match, that person will not be allowed to make any challenges or be challenged for the next matchday.

7. If a player cannot play he/she must organise a substitute, else go to rule 6.

8. All players taking part in the 1 v 1 Smackdown Cup must be on Team Speak for their matches. The reasoning here is to encourage a better interaction within the community. And it only makes sense to talk smack to your opponent
~~~~~~ Time~~~~~~
1. Matches will take place on every 2nd sunday
2. We will start the matches at 15:00

~~~~ Fixtures for 8 July 2012~~~~~~~

VnRlCandle - Spartan1080

101NoMaN101 - Deathplayground

Sag3r - snake

Brok3n_ZA - Braaivleis-SA

Ricochet - LangSlang

Lynus - Blood

Nasty_Jaco - FIBMango

Dusty36 - Hybrid_17

JT-rat - GreenHULK6

Leitwolf_18 - Ryan

lFiBlBrad - Ohclwn

~~~~~Latest Results~~~~~~~3rd June~~~~~~~Map Grand Bazaar

FiB|Maniac 4 - 9 Nasty Jaco

Reingof death 1 - 7 Dusty

JT rat 5 - 1 EmoOilBIRD

Srapmetal 2 - 6 Poepol

Sanox 6 - 2 Lynus

Greenhulk 3 - 4 FiB|brad

Darkness 4 - 9 Kyliepile

BLOOD 7 - 3 savage

~~~~~Previous Match Results 20 May ~~~~~~~

lang slang 10 - 6 Grootgeweer
snake_rulz 10 - 6 Sag3r
Bearded 6 - 10 Bloodtronix
JaundiceBunny 10 - 7 Bullseye
Pafuri - Dilerious dc problems
FiB|BOB 7 - 10 Scrapmetal
KFF 5 - 10 Lynus
Emo_oil_bird 8 - 10 Ricochet
FiB|Mango 10 - 1 S4nox

~~~~~ Best Comeback - 20 May~~~~~

JaundiceBunny comming back from 2-6 down to win the match. JaundiceBunny 10 - 7 Bullseye

~~~~~~TS Details~~~~~~

~~~~~~Server Details~~~~~~



Guys, We will have a matchday this Sunday 3pm. Everyone in those fixtures will play. But there is a Twist. To make things interesting, i want each challenger to nominate one person as their partner and effectively make it a 2 v 2. You can choose anyone you like, as long as it is NOT your clan mate. Tell me what you think about it. I encourage more people to Challenge as we want as much people to play as possible.

Coming Soon:

Girls vs Boys. Will give info on how this will work soon...

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