501st Recon Reserve
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Welcome to the 501 Recon Reserve
We are the 501 Elite Special Forces Unit, we work together as a team to compete in tournaments. You have made it here, because, the leaders of the other platoons and ourselfs felt you were the right fit for our elite unit. We have practices everyday all day, those of you who make practices will be asked to compete in matches that will be set up. Please pick a kit and play it, this does not mean that you are restricted to that kit.. this just means that you are asked to play that kit first. We are relaxed and out to have fun. But, If you say you will be in a match, you better be there. If you are not, Steps will be taken based on your reason.
All members of the Recon Reserver are required to leave the Recon Force to make room for new recruits.

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