Legion of Darkness
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Platoon Presentation

The Legion of Darkness is a new platoon looking to find its way in the world of BF3. We are looking for players who have experience in FPS games (Halo series, GoW series, etc...) and are mature in their actions in the game.

As the LOD grows, then we'll start to do some SDM and other squad related maps. Not all of us have the Premium package yet, but we're working on it. I suppose that happens when you're dealing with working stiffs having fun.

Now that the niceties are over, here's a quick historical lesson on the Legion of Darkness. This group was founded by Silver X back in 2001 on the Robotech website. If you're under 30, you have no clue what I'm talking about. The LOD started off with Locke "Silver X" Mage and Arcanum Mage performing combat missions along with a few of our buddies back then. We were a Black Ops squad that excelled at both infantry and vehicle warfare.

As time moved on, the LOD grew by membership and we created our own website where we held our text-based RPGs. We moved into FPS games as well as MMORPS and just established ourselves in whichever game we could. Unfortunately, life got a hold of the Legion of Darkness members and we all started to drift apart basically absolving the LOD.

However, Arcanum and Silver forged on and when Battlefield 3 came out, it was time for the LOD to be reborn. The only 2 remaining original members of the LOD are ArcanumMage and SIlverX, now known by SilverX1031. The Legion hopes that the new blood that has joined the fight will continue to bring glory to the squad and death to all who oppose us.

The official logo of the Legion of Darkness was a Grim Reaper holding the earth in its left hand with the right hand gripping the handle of its scythe.

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