Dirty Heroes
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Dirty Heroes was founded in 2004 and has been running successfully since then.

Initially Dirty Heroes was a Battlefield 2/2142 clan and had a highly successful BF2 team. As the interest in BF2 started to wain the decision to turn Dirty Heroes into a gaming community was made. This meant as new games came out members would have players in the community to game with. Taking this step has enabled Dirty Heroes to carry on and grow.

We currently have 50 active members who all play a multitude of games.These include MMO's, MOBA and FPS basically any online game someone in the community has or is probably playing it.

Our members are drawn mainly from Europe and we are a English speaking community of guys and gals.

In Dirty Heroes we actively encourage the use of Teamspeak while playing online games, as this keeps the community busy and a fun place to be. Pop on our ventrilo with the account details below and meets us and have a laugh !

BF3 24/7 Rush

BF4 24/7 Rush

Teamspeak 3 :
Any "username"
password dirty

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