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Platoon Presentation

"Nothing Is Ever Easy, In Easy"... jk. There are enough try-hard and competitive clans out there, so no need to make another. TaO is pretty much the best PS3 platoon there is anyway. Can't really compete there. Onward...

1. There is no hosted server as of yet, but their could be in the future as more funds become available, lol.

2. This platoon/clan is open to scrimmages/clan matches at any time

3. The Founder and Leader(s) organize things and call the shots, but everyone is responsible for helping recruit more members :)

4. The size of the platoon is very small now, but additions in any amount are most welcome :)

5. This platoon is mainly for playing public games, but we're open to anything.. Further Onward!

I'll just list some things that I'd like if you're applying, but feel free to message me or the leader if you want to join (please read the requirements beforehand).

1. Please have all the map packs so that we can play together

2. Have a mic preferably, but as long as you have a brain and know how to play the game, then no worries

3. Be located in NA or near, (I.E. Mexico) so we can maintain a good connection

4. Speak English if you have a mic and have it be decent quality. Also, try to cut down on the background noise. No one wants to hear a bunch of loud noise or whatever.

5. If you join this platoon you need to change your clan tag to reflect that

6. There are no minimum K/D, SPM, ect. requirements, but you need to be a good player (we'll give your stats a look around, besides, we're not that casual :P)

7. We use communication, teamwork (no lone wolfs here), and intelligence, so you need to also

8. Use an appropriate camo for the given map (there is no specific camo for each map, but don't wear something that draws insane amounts of attention to you I.E. Navy Blue Digital Camo on Caspian Border :P)

9. Call out things and SPOT as well

10. If you're exceptional at something, let us know! If you're an amazing Tanker, let us know so we can SAVE you a tank when we play. The same goes for other things, and oh, if you're a Jet Pilot, dogfight the founder :P

11.a. Use different specializations for the squad! I don't know how many times I've played with randoms that have the same squad specialization and never bother to change it.
11.b. Sprint and Cover are mandatory specializations (must be used at all times) in this platoon. 3rd and 4th specializations are free for whatever (exceptions listed below)
11.c. Never use squad suppression unless you're playing Recon using the rifles or unless you're playing Support using the PKP, M240B, or M60
11.d. Never use squad ammo if there is Support Player in your squad
11.e. Use Squad Flak if your squad is being hammered by explosives or anything with splash damage
11.f. Lastly, don't use squad specializations that won't benefit the squad. Think, are you really going to benefit by having extra rockets or grenades (including 40mm grenades/m320buck/smoke for assault) and the like?

12. If you love Close Quarters, well, you're SOL. The only time you'll see us playing close quarters is if it's Squad Deathmatch (even that is rare) or Gun Master (if we happen to get the itch :P)

13. Two Assault players per squad are also required for this platoon (must have 2assault in the squad at all times). 3rd and 4th squad mates should provide synergy with the squad (I.E. there is no need to be engineer on metro so the squad should go [the following setup is only an example for Metro] Assault, Assault, Support [for ammo mainly, but C4 and Claymores could help a bit too], and Recon [using the MAV/TUGS and spawn beacons to give us the upper hand])

14. Be a team player! Know your role! If you're Assault, pay attention and give medkits if you have them! Support? GIVE AMMO. See a vehicle that is damaged? Repair it!! Playing recon off in the distance? Spot for us, especially vehicles

15. Feel free to join as many others platoons as you like and also feel free to leave/rejoin as often as you like as long as you still meet the requirements

Looking forward to everything this may bring :)
http://symthic.com/charts.php << very useful website regarding the game

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