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Welcome to FOX,
We are a dedicated, tactically operating team of players using real world applications and tight teamwork in all that we do. Born more than four years ago in Metal Gear Solid 4, Special Forces Foxhound was a thriving and dedicated clan. With almost 30 ACTIVE players and a stat base of almost near perfection, FOX took 7 first place tournament trophies and had a team combined K/D ratio of 9.79..... as an average. On June-4-2012 Metal Gear Online (MGO) was disbanded and its players, left high strung. Now FOX has been recovered from the rubble and is looking for new players to fill her blank spaces!! Tactical game-players need apply!! Send application and join the most militarily functioning team of your online gaming career.



+ Must be an active player
+ Must be a tactical player
+ Must be a team player
+ Have and improve a 0.65 K/D ratio
+ A headset or Mic (if applying and you don't own one, you must get one ASAP).
+ and the drive to do consistently better and help safeguard fellow FOX'S operations.

If all these are met and can be maintained, you might seriously consider joining us
Hope to see you on the BATTLEFIELD!


+ All game-play's main function is to protect the survival and fluid movement of fellow FOX operatives!

+ This is not COD.....need i say more?

+ All players (especially in clan matches) will stay to the weapon/vehicle class assigned to him at the mission briefing beforehand at all times. Your class will be selected according to stats, and the recommendations of platoon leaders/founder.

+ FOX operatives are required to check battlelog at least once per week, if you miss designated practice, ALL members will have to re-visit missed subject courses. So DON'T MISS!

+ If more than 3 practices are missed without a given reason to Founder, you will be put on Probation and your actions within clan will be closely monitored. I do keep track.

+ All scheduled clan practices will be posted at least 72 hours in advance, if not able to attend, let me me know 1 day in advance and i will meet your requirements the best I can.

+ Maintain A minimum K/D ratio of 0.65 If your K/D does not meet minimum requirements you may be subject to suspension (removal of FXHD tag) and staying on suspension until stats meet required figures. This includes playing outside clan functions.

+ All players(in clan matches) will wear appropriate camouflage with its map counterpart, for example, Desert map and Spec opps camo, not ok!

+ Promotions/disciplinary action is the soul responsibility of Leaders/Founder. If a disagreement is reached the decision will be put to a vote. ALL stats will be put into mention so be sure your always on your game.

+ If you still feel you have been wronged on account of decision by board members (all leaders and founder), you may at any time submit a review request to Founder with ample reasoning as of why you disagree, if deemed reasonable by Founder, I will put decision to a vote amongst the whole clan.

+ F0G4R7Y/fogarty123 is 2nd in command of FOX and is 1st command of leaders, rank is no joke.

+ Treat all members of FOX as brothers, inner clan Fighting/Disrespect yields a zero tolerance policy!

Remember operatives, A fox is a hunter, stalker and killer. A hound is a scout, finder and follower. The perfect solider is Foxhound!

Founder/Support class leader- PsychoMantis1488
2nd command/Medic Class leader- F0G4R7Y
Leader Engineer Class- FRESH-Blood
Diamond Dogs 1st command/Leader Recon Class- Hunterecho97
Leader- Fresh-Turtle
First CAV Officer- LIQUID_SnakeXx


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  • LIQUID_SnakeXx wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    Anyone still active on PS3?
  • herediaXD_5jctf joined the platoon SpecialForces Foxhound
  • herediaXD_5jctf joined the platoon SpecialForces Foxhound
  • micks27 wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    1224m headshot. BOOM!
  • PsychoMantis1488 wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    ~~~~ATTENTION ALL FOX OPERATIVES~~~~ FreshxTrutle will be leaving us... he is taking BF4 to pc.. Turtle, u r one of my main guys in my clan... we will ll miss you. If u like u can use the FXHD on pc.. it would be nice to have our clan across all platforms..you have my blessing to take FOXHOUND to pc is u wish...we will all miss u..keep in touch...one FXHD always FXHD... Good show mate! respectfully yours.....~Mantis
    ThiccboiMatt Thanks man, and I do not believe i will take FXHD to PC. I am not a good leader so i wouldn't want to have to deal with the stress of leading a big platoon. I probably try to find some platoon similar to this one and join it. It
    7 years ago
    ThiccboiMatt It has been great playing with you all and we may play again in the future. I'l stay in contact with you all, can't forget the original group of guys I was with.
    7 years ago
  • Tier1_ST6Echo wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    The PS4 and BF4 are both coming out in a matter of weeks, and for those who are waiting to get their PS4 but are still going to get BF4 for their PS3s, I am going to be taking FXHD/DD there as well. Hopefully, they will make it so that PS3 Users can play with PS4 users, but in case they don't, look out for me.
  • ThiccboiMatt wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    Well, after the announcement that Mantis made, and the upcoming release of BF4, I have an announcement to make. Unfortunately I will not be joining you guys in your battles in BF4, or on the PS4. I will be purchasing BF4 on the PC. It's been a great run with you guys, but I will no longer be playing with you all anymore. Thanks everyone for making my BF3 experience so much better. If it is ok, I would like to still stay in the platoon to stay in touch with you all.
    Tier1_ST6Echo Its been an honor serving with you Turtle, and its been a hell of a lot of fun. Good luck on the PC side, hell, you might want to start up a clan there and expand us even further! Anyway, I think you've served us all well, and i
    7 years ago
    PsychoMantis1488 u can stay in the platoon as long as you wish..u r one of us...sad to see u go
    7 years ago
  • PsychoMantis1488 wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    ~~~~ATTENTION ALL FOXHOUND OPERATIVES~~~~ In less than a month the moment all of us have been waiting for..drumroll please.....the launch of PS4! Now i know all of you wont prolly be day one owners, and it has come to my attention that i will and need to be setting up FXHD on the net gen. Please note*** in my absence on bf3 due to ps4 launch, ALL of my leaders can and will assume command of FXHD on PS3. Fog, Echo, and Liquid...u guys need to hold the fort as my veteran members. ALL of FXHD, FXDD, and FF1 have instant membership in our next gen clan and respectfully so your rank within the clan will follow..(for u leaders out there) i will check in on PS3 on the regular so as not to "miss' anything...if you have any questions at all..let me know... WE FIGHT WHERE TOLD...WE WIN WHERE WE FIGHT... WE ARE FOXHOUND! A thank you goes out to my clan-mates, u r all the best, and FXHD couldnt survive without you.. ~Mantis
  • PsychoMantis1488 wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    Happy Anniversary Foxhound!!! We been up for a year now...to all my guys...u have made bf3 better for me, thanks for stickin by my side...u guys ARE Foxhound...couldn't do it with out u guys...Respectfully yours..~Mantis
    LIQUID_SnakeXx I'm glad to be in this platoon!! I met some real good guys since I joined up. Best thing I ever done on battlefield!
    7 years ago
  • PsychoMantis1488 wrote on the wall for SpecialForces Foxhound:
    ~~~~ATTENTION ALL FOX OPERATIVES~~~~ We are a team, and should play as such...ALL FXHD is required to play with ur team mates if they are on...Not to be a troll but im sick of seeing FXHD's playing alone when their team is on playing...Not to be an asshole but.....GET ON IT FOXHOUND!!!! Thank you ~Mantis