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If you would like to join a clan/community check us out at []

What we can offer:

• Active forums
• Events & Game Nights
• Active, Approachable Leadership
• Unique and Descriptive Ranking and Award System
• Positive, Friendly, Family-Safe Atmosphere for Respectful Players.
• Members Worldwide
• Monthly Spotlight Member Awards
• Professional Graphic Design Team
• Clan News for Current Events
• Rapidly Growing Community of Casual and Competitive Gamers
• Support for a Variety of Multiplayer/CO-OP Games

We are a very active clan/community of over 100 members, and we support many games, ( BATTLEFIELD , CALL OF DUTY, HALO , FORZA , GTA5 and MINECRAFT).

We are looking for anyone who is interested in having a good time and playing to have fun and playing to win. We are strongly against disrespectful and any immature gamers and are NON SKILL BASED. Anyone is welcome as long as they are least 15 with a mature attitude. We have many members of different races both male and female from around the world.

We are very female gamer friendly (i.e. no sexual harassing or trying to date online). Respect is very important.

We are recognized by Clan Nation ( [] ) as their "CLAN OF THE WEEK" getting a perfect rating of 10/10, []

Also we were voted " BEST MULTI-GAMING CLAN " by ALL of our peers on Clan Nation.

We were reviewed by Clan Junkie and received a perfect 10/10 review.

We were reviewed by Clan Vision and received their Gold Award

The Central Outpost ( [] ) as a legit gaming clan/community.

As well as TOP 100 CLANS ( [] ) .

Clan Nation has awarded Team Shake founder TS WIKKED with the Clan Leader of The Year Award.

Clan Reviews ( ) awared us an overall score of 97% Check out our video review here

We have many active tournaments across all of our sponsored games in which REAL PRIZES are awarded.

We have been an established clan/community on Xbox Live since 2008.

Here is the link to our Call of Duty Elite clan page. []

Here is a link to our Battlefield platoon []

Here is a link to our ABOUT US section on our website, which contains many of our achievements and guide lines. []

We have a well placed RANKING SYSTEM which can be viewed at this link []

Here is a link to our awards section [] (members receive awards based on clan activity)

Follow our Twitter @TeamShakeClan

Please check out our official Team Shake Gear Shop []

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