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DOAN is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 40 states and with an international coordinating body in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Portugal. DOAN states its goal is to "ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity” and focuses its work on world wide issues such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling and pro-nuclear issues.

DOAN is known for its direct actions and has been described as the most controversial Battlefield 3 organization in the world. We will unite as a group and dominate any lobby we get our hands on.

DarkSlayer313 - (CEO) Chief Executive Officer,
SeaWolf_8800. - (CFO) Chief Financial Officer
Shelbyedw. - (COO) Chief Operating Officer
KDT2142 - (CJ) Chief Janitor