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Platoon Presentation


Since the start we always wanted to make A place where different people from around the world can
gather, meet with each other, enjoy the game for what it is as A team, and have A strong positive impact
on the gaming community as A respected group.
When you're apart of us you're apart of A group, A group who believes in COMMUNITY, TEAMWORK, LOYALTY, and RESPECT.

We enjoy the game. We are a laid back Bunch, Informal, and just like to play. We work well together, but don’t mind it when a member wants to do their own thing. We want a number of really good players, but value good online friends more than statistics (stats).

No Platoon hopping, have LSAS as your tag. Everybody should Respect one another, both on and of the Battlefield, Play fair and no glitching, cheating or hate mail towards LSAS members or those of the BF3 community. Mics should always be on when playing with other members, as communication and strategy is key to winning the game. Always play the objective, but have fun at the same time!

In order for anybody to join LSAS we require that you wear the Clan Tag. This helps us to identify our members on the battlefield, plus helping to create a close community within the platoon.

Remember have fun and just play your best with the original LSAS platoon
Also I'm always looking for leaders Maximum Amount 4 **

there will be fun/friendly clan battles :)

Founder :

Leaders : Maximum Amount 4. (FULL)
xXquickshot_59Xx (CEO)
crimson_alliance (CEO)
{Official Website} Created by Kayrick1997 (CEO)
{Official YouTube} in charge crimson_aliance (CEO)
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{Bump Thread)
{Bump Thread}

saturday 29tht on the 9th 3pm AU time

(LSAS VS DBD) death befor dishonor


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