Egypt Elite Force Dv.2
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-------------------------------------------- Egypt Elite Force [Division 2] ----------------------------------------------------------

Welcome soldiers to Egypt Elite Force's Division 2 , we plan on expanding our community with this platoon until our website is completed and ready to rock ! From there everything will be official the members , recruitment , news , tutorials and many more .


Requirements and Rules :

1) Respect.
Respect is the most important rule in our clan, we do not tolerate childish behavior, any member who shows a sign of it will be terminated.

2) Age should not be less than 16 years .

3) Complaining
I mean come on if you actually do complain please grow a pair already and deal with the situation your in.

4) Hackers, modders and boosters are not allowed.
If you are a member of this clan and is found doing these crimes you will be by no further doubt terminated from this clan and also reported to the game administrators.

5) Teamwork is a must.
Teamwork is what made this clan stand up on it's feet and if you don't have it you are certainly not welcomed.

6) A microphone and team speak(or any communication program) should be available at your disposal.
We will not accept you in our clan if you lack these items.

7) Being active.
If you have a reason for being inactive state it to one of the leaders !

In short:
1) Respect leaders and clan-mates.
2) Respect other Clans and opponents. (Give it to get it)
3) No laming.
4) No Counter-laming
5) Do not call anyone in the clan a noob.
6) NO FOUL WORDS or Childish behavior.
7) Keep your conversations mature and remain cool-headed.
8) Teamwork is everything, never play on your own.
*Note : You need to show respect, if you win some duel, don't call your challenger noob or something like this. Some people may need practice too. So respect them at all times.
9) For everyone applying to join the clan please note that you should: fill out our official application form and post it as new topic on this section of the forum.


To the members of this clan , if you have a question regrading anything please do not hesitate to contact the leaders , they are leaders for a reason !

I hope you enjoy your stay with us and as always take care !

Your always welcome to talk to us by voice on this teamspeak server :

Teamspeak 3 Server address:

Steam page: Egypt Elite Force

ESL Team Page:

Youtube Channel


Also contact us on:

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