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Platoon Presentation

Since the start we always wanted to make A place where different people from around the world can
gather, meet with each other, enjoy the game for what it is as A team, and have A strong positive impact
on the gaming community as A respected group.
When you're apart of us you're apart of A group, A group who believes in COMMUNITY, TEAMWORK, LOYALTY, and RESPECT.
applying for [SKz] Slaughter King'z the elite team this platoon was created to have a place, an ARMY of recruits looking to support Slaughter King'z the Elite team. [SKzR] Slaughter King'z Recruits . A skilled Army of players with the same
interest and motivation looking to CB and prove a point.
Are you ready to clan battle?
500+ SPM and 1.50 K/D Suggested . Some Exceptions
If you are better player than your stats indicate you can still apply for a tryout. contact founder/leader.
This particular platoon can join [SKz] in cb's if needed.
Ladders, Tournaments and Leagues will be setup exclusively for [SKz]
Do your best soldier !!!
Contact QUAK-ATTACK if you think you are ready to clan battle with the best Slaughter King'z the elite team once you are SKz Elite you will be kicked from recruits.

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