BF3 Vanguard Vets
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Platoon Presentation

--------------------------------------------★ Welcome to BF3 Vanguard Vets platoon presentation ★-------------------------------
Before we go any further, you may be wondering the following...

1.) WHAT is a BF3 vanguard vet?
2.) WHO are they?
3.) HOW do I join?
4.) and of course... DO I meet requirements?

So here are the answers to those questions along with some required training videos which you MUST watch (ok ok so at least check them out - we think you'll like them, haha!!).

If you like this platoon feel free to apply or even just give us a "Hooah" and become a fan !!!

Thanks for your support !!!

--------------------------------------------★ BATTLEFIELD 3 VANGUARD VET ★--------------------------------------------------------
~~ Is a soldier who leads the way to new innovative ideas and tactics, a military grade soldier who works his way up in the ranks, takes the stance as a leader, all while finding new ways to best eliminate the enemy by using tools, knowledge, and physicality.

~~ WE are the leading division and forward element part of an advancing military formation.

~~ WE have a number of functions on the battlefield including seeking out the enemy, deploying troops and securing ground in advance of the main force.

~~ Our vehicular warfare is unmatched.


★★★ Victoriously Empowered Teamwork Succeeds = VETS ★★★

--------------------------------------------★ Leaders: Auto-leaders are platoon "tOF" - respect !! ★----------------------------------
However, if YOU want to be a leader and have what it takes, then let us know in the platoon feed & show us on the battlefield ... Hooah !!!

--------------------------------------------★ Current BF3 Vanguard Vets members ★----------------------------------------------------
Are mature (1) casual-competitive gamers - some from different platoons - but all friends having a good time. No need to be an elite player to join since we all started from the same boot camp with blank tags - we recruit all kinds of soldiers from rank 1 PFC to Colonel 100. We play straight-up - NO glitchers, NO boosters, and NO immature gameplay ~~ but don't misunderstand us because we mean business. We cover each others back and "PTFO" very well. Join us and have some against us and we are obligated to give YOU a taste of defeat. So if U clan stack...U might win...then again U might get ur ass kicked !!!

*(1) The term "casual-competitive" means PART-TIME GAMERS WITH FULL-TIME LIVES -- ergo this is a video game !!!

--------------------------------------------★ Required training material videos ★----------------------------------------------------------
NOTE: You MUST watch these before you apply for a leader role
1.) - (These will help your skill level greatly increase)
2.) - (These will help you become combat effective or ineffective??!!)
3.) - (and these were made by one of our highly-skilled leaders, actual BF3 gameplay for your detailed training course.)

~~ At ease soldier, now take a deep breath, there's only one question left to answer - and that is .... Are YOU a BF3 Vanguard Vet ??? .... Colonel O.G. thinks you are !!! C'mon join our platoon !!!

~~ You don't have to be the best, but we demand that you give it your best to be a Vanguard Vet.

~~ "Bravo-3 Victor Victor we are Oscar Mike !!!"

--------------------------------------------★PLATOON ALERT...PLATOON ALERT...PLATOON ALERT★------------------------- *** ***

To date our platoon has experienced an irrecoverable "Battlelog bug" confirmed by several EA mods: This glitch has made the founder listed as leader role, thus no "founder authorities." The only "fix" is to disband platoon and reform, which at this point would be nearly impossible. Nevertheless the Vets remain strong on the battlefield and a force to be dealt with ~~ Hooah !!!

~~~ FOUNDED BY: SohlJer_UhSassIN aka OringinalGamer21 "OG"

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