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Platoon Presentation

Solid State Soldiers ---------- Originally founded 10 May 2012


BF4 Game Server:

***About us***
"A diverse and super solid multinational clan of english speaking players from across the world "
With players from:
France, UK, Germany, USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Thailand, Portugal, North Korea, Belgium, Hungary, Somalia, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Poland and much more!

Although most of our members are multilingual, we consider ourselves primarily an English speaking clan.

-=[Platoon Leadership]=-
Founders: sSs-August-sSs, xSherlockHolmesx, Crevanien (To be consulted with all matters)
War Admin: Weightless_Falls (Contact for Clan Matches)
Recruitment Admins: Jaffacake-UK & Jokericna ( Contact to join sSs! )
(BF4) Server Admins: Georges_Mechant, JaypNL81, B-ARTistic
Azgrat: Azgrat Putain
TS Admin: B-ARTistic
Forum Admin: Iotzan (Forum currently under Development)

Full sSs Members: varying
sSs Recruits: varying

***For Prospective/New Members***

Should you desire to participate in the [sSs] community, and would like to join an all round Fantastic clanning experience; Let us be the first to wish you a warm welcome. We welcome players from all backgrounds, and we hold a positive and relaxed attitude toward all our members. After all, you are the ones that make [sSs] Clan stay alive and thrive.

New members must make an Introductory post on the Platoon Wall upon entry and wear the recruit tags of [sSsr] for one month before being considered for membership.

During this time you are expected to:
- Display positive character and behavior (No swearing/racism/inappropriate remarks)
- Promote teamwork within the game
- Join Teamspeak whenever possible and join fellow members in their servers
- Play actively with the platoon; we look for players online at least once a week

This ensures [sSs] remains a fun and relaxed group of people to play with.
Good behavior and following our values above will award you full membership much faster :D

We use Teamspeak and a Facebook group to communicate in and out of game and will soon be developing our forum. To join these:
Please message Weightless_Falls or Recruitment Admins for information.

!!Join us on our weekly game night Sunday 20:00 CET!!

Simply tell us your steam name and we are going to invite you to our Steam group.

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