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We are an online gaming clan supporting the multi player portion of the First Person Shooter Game Call of Duty Bclack ops, Black ops2, Battlefield 3 and Warface. UFB is also internationally diverse, having members from many different countries. We are also a non-cheating clan which means if you cheat, and plan to cheat, and want to become a member, FUH-GED-A-BOUT-IT!!! Any member, regardless of rank that is caught cheating will be banned from UFB and possibly from the whole of DJO(Darkjedi Organization), so remember... you cheat and you're gone, end of story. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating. It is also our policy that any UFB member who witnesses another UFB member cheating must report this to their superior officer. We expect all members to do their part in maintaining a fun and cheat free environment. .


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