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weapon of choise only for the Coregamers

For me, it's the most versatile weapon of the battlefield, is it yours?

The AS "Val" (Avtomat Special'nyj Val, Russian: Автомат Специальный Вал or Special Automatic Rifle, code name: "Shaft") is a Soviet designed assault rifle featuring an integrated suppressor.
It was developed during the late 1980s by TsNIITochMash (Central Institute for Precision Machine Building) and is used by Russian Spetsnaz special forces and the MVD, FSB and select units of the Russian Army. Since 1987, it was added to the arsenal of the Soviet Army and the KGB.
Its effective range is approximately 300 m, as it uses heavy subsonic 9x39mm SP-6 (high performance armor piercing) ammunition, as well as the SP-5 ball round used by the VSS Vintorez. It can also use the same 10 or 20-round magazines as the VSS. Controls are similar to all AK-type rifles with charging handle on the right side, tangent rear sight, magazine release button behind magazine well and safety lever above the trigger guard. The fire selector is however located within the trigger guard, behind the trigger. The "Val" has two modes of fire, single shot and automatic fire at a cyclic rate of 900 RPM. According to its users, the "Val" is reliable, accurate and well liked.
It has an AK-type side mount for various optical sights, including the 4x PSO-1 scope and night sights calibrated for use with the 9x39mm round. The standard open sights are graduated up to 400 m in 25 m increments.
The "Val" has a 70% piece commonality with its sister-gun, the VSS Vintorez. Differences are furniture made of high impact polymer and a skeletonized steel stock which folds to the left for storage and transportation (gun can operate with stock folded).


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    Just made it to rank 35 of AS Val world ladder :)
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    SgtPurjosalaatti Welcome to AS-VAL, The few the proud, THE AS-VAL owners
    5 years ago
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    Hello everyone, i am useing theval now for very long time and i just wanted to leave my feedback here. This gun is probably the best gun in whole bf3 if you know how to compensate the weaknesses. One of the big disatvantages is the low muzzle velocity and the low intial damage, which makes it difficult to hit moveing targets. But learning to lead the gun can easily compensate it as there is a 900 rpm firerate. To sucseed with the gun on very long range i have learned to switch on singleshot to snipe the snipers even with the kobra sight. Here you have to compensate the bulletdrop. The gun shines on medium distance as long as you controll the burst. Keep in mind that the gun does hit the air after the 2nd or maximum 3rd bullet on medium range range. So the microbusrts are essential to be sucessfull. Furthermore i use the gun mainly with support class. The Val makes the support an all purpose special forces guy, who can operate behind enemy lines like a ninja.
    SgtPurjosalaatti Thanks for your feedback, The learning curve in val can be pretty hard to overcome, but when you master the weapon, you are probably the most versatile soldier on the battlefield! Keep doing your best and keep loving the AS VAL!
    5 years ago
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    SgtPurjosalaatti Weapon for the few the supreme!
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