You Only Live Once
Tag: [YOLO] Fans: 14 Created: 2012-10-31

Platoon Presentation

This platoon is for those of you who are playing one badass game of BF and yo team keeps on dying,But you don't give a damn about reviving cause you too busy killing em fools that is shooting at you.

No one in this platoon revives hence YOLO.

Air Squad.

Heli: Thatredeskimoguy (C)
Gunner: Toranic23
Jet: HoneyBadger1991
Wingman: aint-so-fun

Infantry Squad:

Luciferisballn (C) <<<< The blind leads the blind.

Armor Squad:

Driver: SirDJ_ (C)
Driver: MedicineBaLL_EZ
Gunner: Snow-_-Manx
LAV: Shenenigans

Transportation Squad:
JEEP: Bliiind1
RHIB BOAT: Kizza707
SKID LOADER: MrChow606060

Mortar,AT mines,Javeline hack squad (faggits)

Ticket Booth Squad/RAGE Squad:
That_Milkshake - also known as Slowshake, 2brickshake and Boostshake


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