The New Era™
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Platoon Presentation

The New Era!!

We are a relatively new clan. We are interested in any skilled players that meet the requirements. We are looking only for the best in this platoon if you dont meet the requirements DON'T APPLY. Also the clan tag (eRa) must be worn if accepted.




INFANTRY no longer looking for infantry still apply but must meet the stat requirements.

2+ KDR above 700 SPM skill must maintain a 600 skil lvl

AIR AND ARMOR: 2+ KDR above 10 ss in vehicle, MUST HAVE 600 skill 500 spm (exceptions)] WILL BE MADE.

We are a competitive/ social team and we play core or Hardcore.

We are a u.s PS3 team if u would like to join contact BDog11, Fractors, or Clown


Infantry Leaders:

AiR Leaders:

Armor Leaders:


Squad rush Team for Now!

We are not Accepting Battle request at this time only Scrims.


Friends of ours:

K9 Empire:

Check them Out


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