Tonsil Knockers
Tag: [TK] Web: Official website Fans: 7 Created: 2012-12-18

Platoon Presentation

Just a group for the not so easily offended, we generally spend our time shit talking, joking and making up non-sense disses for each other.

However some times we're a tight organized team. We play the objective's, play to win, and have fun doing it.

Our website is a random BL report, showing that we do ok. Were not a serious clan so no real website, we just play a lot and get together when we do.

We're currently looking for good air support players, and generally some good vehicle whores.

Add Xorph3u5 on Origin or Steam to go a few rounds with the crew. We currently use steam for our VOIP, battle log's isn't good in our experience.



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