Clan War for 8v8 min.
Tag: [CW8] Fans: 18 Created: 2013-01-16

Platoon Presentation

Hey folks,

This is a platoon of platoon only. We created this platoon to organize friendly scrimmage between platoons.

If you can provide a min. of 8 players for a scrimmage then by all means subscribes to this platoon and start looking for friendly scrimmage amongst participating platoons.

Once subscribed, post the information about your clan, i.e.: Website link, Region and server information.

To request a scrim, simply post a public scrimming request within this platoon page with the proposed numbers and ruleset. For instance

There are no ladders required nor will we keep track of scores. This is simply for fun and keep our community active. It is definitely better than pubbing!

If by any chance you can also provide 32 players, pls go and check this platoon of platoon, which specialises in just that 32v32!!


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