BF3 "Search & Capture"
Tag: [S&C] Fans: 7 Created: 2013-01-31

Platoon Presentation

I want to create a small community of friends that enjoys playing tactically and realistically. Microphone and Teamspeak required !!

This game mode is "Search and Capture"

The object of the game is too capture and control the most flags just like normal Conquest, OR to eliminate the other team entirely. The catch here is you only have 1 life (no respawning untill game is over) the point of this is to make players value their one and only life and rely heavily on team work and tactics.

The game will also obviously be on hardcore mode with no mini map. This is so communication is vital to keep track of the enemy. Hardcore adds to the intensity with no health regen, lower health, and less hud.

I found a youtube channel of a group of guys that play almost exactly how i want matches to play out(except the 1 life rule)

check out the videos:

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