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Platoon Presentation

You may apply to join this platoon only if you meet the strict requirements below.

1. You often knife one of your key assault players before a DGL match and then teabag the crap out of them

2. You watch and wait for an enemy soldier to sneak up on your teammate. You watch him get knifed. You wait for the enemy to leave. You teabag that dumbass.

3. You see a dumbass that has not felt the power and might of your crotch. You do not cap flags or help your team only to make it your mission to teabag that dumbass.

4. You are about to take a flag with your teammates. Do you:
A: Watch their flanks and try and spot enemies.
B: Hide and watch those bastards get shot to hell so you can teambag them.
C: Why are you helping cap a flag when you could be teambaggin?

5: You have no idea how to select the "attack this flag" function but you can teabag the whole of Operation Firestorm without standing up.

6: You find yourself randomly singing " Dip Dip, Potato Chip".

7: You have written several strong worded emails to DICE complaining why they have not added "Death by Teabag" as an assault weapon.

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