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This is the Victis Honor Community page.

- This page was created for current members, former members, and friends of Victis Honor.
- We may ask some members of this page to help us fill our roster for a scrim.
- We are all friends here, arguing on this page will not be tolerated.
- Feel free to rep the community tag in game! But please reserve the "vH" tag for official members.

Competitive Page:

Interested in trying out for the official team?
Contact vH_Grizzly for more information.

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  • C4tSnipah wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    I heard through the grapevine that "Dip Dip Potato Chip" will be a new voice command for BF4 on the New Xbox.....
    TyFlipster haha
    6 years ago
    John-The-Rambo "Xbox t-bag"!!!!!!!!
    6 years ago
  • C4tSnipah wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    Alright, gents, I'm leaving this afternoon for a biz trip, and will be home late Thursday night. Should be around this weekend. This begins my run of 3 weeks in a row where I'll be gone more than home. Sad face.
  • vH_Silentriot48 wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    I love how we all talk in memes constantly
    6 years ago
  • screaminediot wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    ill be taking my leave I've had enough see some of you in the future
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    ManiacPath later
    6 years ago
    CliXxz_ll See ya screamin, it was fun playing with you.
    6 years ago
  • lucif3r420 wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    Grizzly: You may think lowly of AoW, and we are not trying to 'steal' them away. we are merely seeing who would like to come to a active platoon, that is still active and has quite a few people that vH members know. i am sorry you feel the way you do about us, but do understand that is just the way the cookie crumbles. some people want to play competitively, and you are no longer taking outside matches.
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    ABakedZOMBIE Violins......
    6 years ago
    vH_GrizzleMuffin Zombie, Same thing can be said when you left. And also when you tried to weasel yourself back in with us and got shot down, again, like the ugly guy asking the ugly girl to prom.
    6 years ago
  • PuReWreckage joined the platoon Victis Honor Community
  • Jettymeow wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    Alrighty guys, a friendly scrim is setup for Saturday at 2pm PST. If you can make it let me know :) the maps will be all the new ones on CTF, and will be for funsies! Just lemme know!
  • C4tSnipah wrote on the wall for Victis Honor Community:
    Long work trip next week (well, two trips, actually). Leaving Sunday evening (3/17), returning home Wednesday night, then leaving again early Thursday, home Friday evening sometime. As always, I will be checking in and recommending ways to aggravate Vulture.
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    BeforeTheStorm1 On the contrary. I hope you have a good time Cat. Also, your input will most likely be needed. I'm running out of ideas.
    6 years ago
    vH_Silentriot48 Stay safe Cat, and have a good trip.
    6 years ago