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The purpose of this group is to establish relations with and improve capable platoons on the Battlefield, while keeping the original [ASFG] group intact and spreading the [ASFG] name and its influence throughout the community through separate platoon branches. All branch platoons answer to [ASFG]. It is important to note that the purpose of this group is not to establish a monopoly under [ASFG].

The group is strictly for other platoon leaders that have agreed to incorporate their clan under the [ASFG] name. [ASFG] is still its own clan. There is no physical merge between [ASFG] and the branch clans. Rather, the platoons that have agreed to this incorporation have agreed to wear the [ASFG] name and spread [ASFG]'s influence on the battlefield, while acknowledging that they are in an alliance in which all branch clans answer to [ASFG]. [ASFG] will offer its tactics, help, and much more to its platoon affiliates.

How this process work is every platoon founder or leader that are under ASFG will meet every Friday as a group council to discuss how we can grow and support one another in the BF3 community or help expand into other games. Clans must change their tag to ASFG and have ASFG in front of their platoon name.

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