The IVIasticators
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Mastication = The act of chewing and grinding with your teeth. Grind the enemy into a pulp.

This will start out as a clan of just my friends or new players who are smart players - who play the objective. After I have a solid group, we'll see where it goes. We are set up on FraggedNation's hardcore conquest ladder but can also battle teams who are not. We'll be getting on BF4 for PS4. Otherwise it's just fun times and kicking ass, getting other ass-kickers to join us. Only apply if you are a serious player who will make an effort to win matches. (with i's)

If you apply and are accepted, please understand that you are joining my clan/platoon and must wear the clan tags [IVI]. It's not for people to join and then be loyal elsewhere. (Don't even apply if you aren't ready to commit and leave any other involvement you have with platoons/tags/clans) If you are applying and I don't already know you, please be patient in the process of me assessing your abilities and attitude during the game for at least a week.

I wont be a Nazi about stats, but I'm preferring 500+spm and 1.2 K/D HARDCORE (If you can maintain this after a stats reset, it's enough), If you aren't up there you aren't capturing or killing very well.

In battles, our only rule is no glitching. This would mean getting outside the map, or places like 3rd floor metro A flag, the rubble outside B flag epicenter, etc. If you get "base raped", that's your team's fault. If your chopper gets stolen, you'd better shoot it down and get it back. Basically if this happens, you are outmatched if you can't find a way to solve the problem.

Don't like your current clan? Play with us and we'll see how you fit in.

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