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<< PS3/PS4 ONLY >>
This was created by Deathwalker(ATS)/ Voivod_666(AFM)

Capture the Flag - HARDCORE/SOFTCORE (A teams and Development)

Conquest- HARDCORE/SOFTCORE (A teams and Development)

This is a page for leaders from different Clans to meet and have FRIENDLY scrims

A TEAM SCRIM-If its Agreed as an A Team scrim then bring your best and its can be an official scrim if agreed

FRIENDLY/DEVELOPMENT are just that.Its not about claiming victory.Teams must be posted 3 hours before if possible so its clear that a clan is not just bringing there A team.Any changes to that team must fit in with the development theme.These are not official scrims

Any clan that is unable to follow these rules will be booted.

Leaders leave a comment of the Clan You Represent & your battlelog site.

Happy to do friendly scrims even at short notice if to be played in the evening. Post on here or the atsplatoon page and will be responded back to ASAP. Happy to organise other forms of scrims squad d/match, conquest, rush etc. Contact deathwalker076 or SV6_jono.

AFM - ---FRIENDLY scrims only organised from this page on Conquest-CTF and Hardcore Let us know what type of team you will be running (A team or development)and we will pick players best suited to that scrim.Contact D-Enyalius for AFM scrims

I am WAR__TIGER founder/leader of Our clan tag is GAMR and we currently have 5 servers running We have 140 active members from Australia & New Zealand, and we are looking for weekly scrims on Friday and Saturday nights. We will play any game mode in Hard Core and are loving the new maps!!!!

Any scrim request's please contact boyfromeden23
We are a conquest scrim platoon(softcore), based in australia but also reach out to our NZ brothers. Our normal match up is 12 vs 12 but we can field down to 8 vs 8 if required. Friday night is our preferred scrim night but can arrange other nights if possible. We currently run 3 servers ranging from endgame CTF to all the classic conquest maps.. and our pride and joy the 24/7 oman server! we are a straight up clan with no BS.


Welcome to *Easy-Company* We are a close band of players, who fight to the last ticket. Open to friendly and competitive scrims. Any queries just contact a platoon leader. Rep on EzCo- HOOAH!!

Psn Stowie-16. we are Kings Lair Australia Scrim team always looking for other clans to verse. dont bother posting on our website as no one uses it. we have 3 servers and 16 players in our scrim team and building. Msg me for a possible scrim. thanks guys

We are a new platoon of experienced gamers who are looking for both competitive and friendly scrims so we can play together as a team. Add llmercll to organise a scrim with us, usually only play Friday, Saturday or Sunday atm. Look forward to scrimming you guys.

[MR]--- An active platoon that have a long running server mainly set on hardcore CTF. Message (MR-DarkestSniper) or just post on the platoon page to set up friendly or serious scrims, we jam any gametype and maps

[NZ] New Zealand Platoon
We mainly do Conquest scrims and Squad Rush tournaments. Interested in CTF friendlies and will generally accept most challenges if we have the members active at the time. NZ - Best in NZ ;)

NZD - ---We do Friendly scrims against anyone who challenges us, we mostly do Squad Rush but we are also wanting to get into some capture the fag

[NZE]---NZ ELITE.--- .A very active platoon of various ranks looking for all types of scrims tho mainly 12v12 conquests,contact MONSTA(monstaink68) or any other leader to arrange a battle.we also run a very fair server so all welcome,altho we do shift to balance teams we try and keep friends together!HOOAH!,monsta

ozzy-aussie assassins looking for friendly scrims of any game mode to help develop some of our junior players into competitive scrimmers. contact THA ONE or awsmo for official scrims or paratrooper_06 for a friendly development scrim..cheers

SOA-xXF1NAL_FEARXx Leader of The Newly Established Sons Of Anarchy Clan Tag is SOA With currently 2 servers running one located in the US and One In AUS with 38 Members strong As Always Keen For Scrims SOA xXFFXx

SBA:- We do a 8 vs 8 scrim on CQ and we do love also friendly scrim. We have Elite and juniors soujas in our platoon. We do also have one a respect ally called ozzy. So please contact me or one of my leaders from our platoon if you looking for FRIENDLY/DEVELOPMENT scrim on CQ. Thank you.

we are a plattoon based around mostly sniping but are still keen for a normal scrim so hit us up and we'll see u on the battlefield

We are looking for drama free friendly scrim matches with mature clans/platoons - mainly CQ 12 v 12 but we are available for most game modes and maps - just ask.
If your into drama and shit stirring on battlereports then scrimming us is not for you ...

▬▬The_Granite_Army (TGA)▬▬
We interested for CQ scrims only either 8vs8 or a 12vs12 depend if we can get 12 members available during scrim times. We respect everyone and we don't need all kind of bullshits. Availability for scrims (only on weekends).

[PONY] PONY of War (AUS/NZ), Hi everyone! My platoon are a gathering of some serious team players from the [PONY] Most Popular CLASSICS server. We play pretty much any game mode and most maps. Some of us are still at school or work early in the mornings, so we prefer friendly weekend scrims. On weekend nights, you will almost guarantee a 12v12 match with us, but we need around 2 weeks notice for anything over 8 players.

[NZSS] - NZ Sharp Shooters -
We are a fairly new clan and are interested in scrimming 12v12 in any game mode or 8v8 just let lazykiwi or one of the other leaders of the clan and we will be more than happy to organise a scrim on a friday or saturday night

(NAS) (NZ/AUS SOULJAHZ) We are a NZ/AUS platoon looking for 12vs12 or 8vs8 scrim battles we also have a junior team under 18yr olds (NASt) (nz/aus souljahz junior)

A Select Few is a small clan made up of Aus & Nz gamers who enjoy playing together without taking it all to serious. We like to play Hardcore No Map across all game modes. So if you are keen for a friendly scrim against us just get in contact with us and we can work a time out. Cheers ivelostit.

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