Battlefield 2 VERSUS!
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Battlefield 2 back in VERSUS!

The VS. Schedule is back in action with feedback from the community. Wednesday 27th, VERSUS is available on Battlefield 2! Let's have some fun with us and play VERSUS! Read on for more information about VS. and the specific VS. ruleset!

- We play one map with one round (without teamchange!) in the Flag by Flag mode.
- Serversettings:
Mode: 4vs4 Flag by Flag, 200 tickets, 20 minutes, Friendly Fire on, No commander, Medic Only
Vehicles are not allowed.
Any player disregarding these rules should be reported via report functionality on matchsheet after the match. The match has to be played to the end.
- Map pool:
Gulf of Oman, Mashtuur City, Road to Jalalabad, Sharqi Peninsula, Strike at Karkand

Battlefield 2 back in VERSUS!

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