Special Ops Unit
Tag: [SOU] Fans: 7 Created: 2013-05-10

Platoon Presentation

The Special Ops Unit is a casual clan looking to expand and compete with the best platoons in the game. Winning matches is priority one, getting kills comes second, taking dog tags is third. If you would like to join here are the requirements:
Allow people to apply for platoon
-Must be 14 or older
-Must have a mic
-1.00 K/D (1000 kill reset)
-300 skill
-Be a team player
This platoon will be based on teamwork and dedication. I do not mind if you are in other platoons but the rule is you must have the clan tag on during any platoon battle or activity.
If you want a alliance than please contact bubbamcgill on PSN or Battlelog and i will get you ASAP.


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